Sunday, February 5, 2012

My daughter indeed!

Kill enemies, score points!
Again, apologies for the lack of posting recently, the cold and entering a quite work-intense period at the company has made it difficult to gather up the energy to post much recently... For the first time in quite a few weekends I had a weekend without work and found it extremely difficult to get rid of little toddler Sunshine as she kept following me wherever I went in the house to make sure I wasn't running out on her again. That she's now also figured out how to climb stairs and move the sorry excuse of a baby-gate we put at the bottom of the stairs means that she is not restricted in movements either.

So, I did turn on the Playstation to relax with an exceptionally gory game and of course, within minutes of going upstairs to the computer/work/Salaryman-play-room I heard the panting and patter of feet as she climbed up the streets, followed by a squeal of joy as she saw me and my iPad next to me (it's quite packed with toddler-friendly apps). As she's now a little past a year and a half, I briefly considered whether I needed to turn off the gory game as to not traumatize her but decided against it for the moment. As she hopped up next to me on the sofa, grabbing the iPad with her hands, she noticed the noise and movement from the tv-screen and stared at the game for a few moments, just as I was shooting up a few enemies and putting my knife through the eye of one of them. 
I expected perhaps some crying or in best case indifference, but instead she screamed out a huge happy "Yay!" as I kept up the killing in the game, each kill followed by a happy "Yay!" for about half a minute until she decided that the iPad provided more fun and she turned her attention to that instead. 

So yep, not that there was any doubt before, but if this isn't complete and final confirmation that she's my little daughter, I don't know what is! 


Chris said...

Daughters are supposed to support Daddies when they slaughter,butcher,decapitate and horribly mutilate bad guys/zombies/psycho bunny rabbits.

The ipad has some ultra gory games. Let her play "Falling Fred" for a while. I've had every appendage severed from him before he hit the ground but no little girl cheering me on....I feel left out :(

I want a kid to!!!!

Martin said...

The rebound will come in her teens. When she realizes her father isn´t that kickass cool murdurer she loved. Only a boring salaryman geek.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Indeed! Why else would anyone have a kid? I have to check out that "Falling Fred" now too...

Martin - Well that is bound to happen at some point anyway, if I can maintain the image up to her teens I would be impressed!

Evacomics said...

I'm sure Mrs. Salaryman wasn't around when it all happened!

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