Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Prestigious work

In the company I work in now recruiting is done almost exclusively from the top universities. We have several Yale, Harvard, Berkley, Northwestern, Toudai etc. graduates among our staff, including several with Master's degrees and also people with a Ph. D. degree. The relevant people graduated with honors, needless to say.

This means, of course, that the discussions held inside the company maintain a very high level, probably at a completely different level compared to companies that recruit less selectively.

Let me give you an example of how a conversation can be, please note that this is a real example from today's work. The conversation was held via Instant Messenger.

Mr. Salaryman said: Which urinouar do you choose in the bathroom if both are available?
MJ said:hahaha
MJ said:i guess the closer one
MJ said:usually
Mr. Salaryman said:What's your rationale for this decision?
MJ said:im not sure
MJ said:then i can monitor the doorway
Mr. Salaryman said:I have thought quite hard about this and I actually changed from the furthest one to the one closer to the doorway
MJ said:yeah
MJ said:that one's better
MJ said:you'd know if someone was lookin at you
Mr. Salaryman said:The drawback is that people coming in to use the booths orurinouar needs to pass behind me
MJ said:true
MJ said:but let me ask you this
Mr. Salaryman said:Yeah, but I feel that that is compensated by the fact that you stay somewhat hidden
MJ said:what about when you use a stall
MJ said:and imagine, if you will
MJ said:that there are 3
MJ said:instead of 2
Mr. Salaryman said:At the moment I don't play favourites, but if there were three I would not go into the middle one
Mr. Salaryman said:unless absolutely necessary
MJ said:true
MJ said:i would never go in the middle one either
MJ said:yet
MJ said:a lot of people appreciate it
MJ said:why
Mr. Salaryman said:Yeah, you don't wanna be boxed in by people doing theirthing both to the left and right of you...
MJ said:hahahahaha
MJ said:i wouldn't go in because i always hear that it's the most popular seat in the bathrooms
MJ said:i think like over 45% choose the middle seat
Mr. Salaryman said:That's just plain sick, I don't believe those statistics
Mr. Salaryman said:Do you have a source?
MJ said:hahahahaa
MJ said:no this is legit
MJ said:i learnt it in my psych class
Mr. Salaryman said:Yeah, Psychopath class maybe
MJ said:hahaha
MJ said:psych classes can be dumb, i wont lie to you
MJ said:but they do have interesting stats
Mr. Salaryman said:What would the rationale for ppl chosing the middle booth be, pray to tell?
MJ said:apparently they feel more concealed

It is very stimulating to have the privilige to work with well educated people.

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