Saturday, December 4, 2010

Tell it like it is Noripi!

Loyal and diligent readers of my blog probably remember all the stuff about Noriko "Noripi" Sakai that I gave you my take on in the wake of the whole meth use ordeal. Those of you with weak memories or newcomers can check it out here.

Ever since the whole exciting revelation of a former teen idol gone "Mama-idol" doing meth, got focused on in the media, I told Mrs. Sunshine that "She'll keep her head down for a year or two, then she'll write a book telling "her story" on how she got caught up in this horrible addiction and probably blame most of it on her self-titled pro-surfer husband, then she'll do some of the milder talkshows for a bit and a little bit later she'll be back full time in the variety tv shows here in Japan and maybe even some parts in primetime tv dramas".

After the whole deal, her sentencing and following press conference after her very quick release, she dressed very conservatively, cried some tears and stated that she now would like to dedicate her life to her son and nursing of disabled people.

Sure enough, a few months later some tv footage showed her attending a school event of her son and her visiting a nursing home (supposedly she went to nursing school, but I think she just "went there physically" and didn't really study anything). Then it has been silent with no public appearances until today.

The news reported yesterday that she will release a book telling "her story" (see here in Japanese). I'm not surprised and Mrs. Sunshine even gave me one of those rare "Wow, it went just like you said it would" without any frown. Well, at least the Japanese entertainment world is getting entertaining again and I thought it was plenty with Kabuki actors getting beaten down to a pulp by half-Japanese bikers!


May said...

And I think eventually she'll be on another series of "Hoshi no Kinka", her biggest hit TV drama which she played a deaf woman!lol

The picture is very shocking!

Chris said...

I remember everyone panicking and thinking she commited suicide and took her sons life too. The police, helicoters and untold amounts of taxpayer money up in flames while a meth head sweats out the drug in an Onsen per the advice of a Yakuza relative and another Yakuza handler. Shameless c*nt if there ever was one.

Ironicly, the word verification below this comment box right now is "retch". Which spelled correctly is exactly what this woman makes me wanna do.

Sarahf said...

She's hardly Lindsay Lohan, though is she?

Mr. Salaryman said...

May - Yeah, just give it a few more years and she'll probably get something like that, wouldn't be shocking

Chris- I agree completely, everything about her and her excuses just stinks. I guess it's too much to hope for to think that people would realize this and not buy the whole "I'm a better person" thing she's trying

Sarafh - Well, at least Lohan is not a hypocrite about what she does and has no kid

Chris said...

Was she in Sendai digging for oysters by any chance?

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