Monday, December 6, 2010

Ok, thanks for the warning, now what?

The other day last week, as I was getting ready for work and watched the morning news and the weather from the safety of the Salaryman cave with the rain pouring down outside, the news issued a warning for the Chiba prefecture where I currently reside. The warning was to "be careful of tornadoes" during the day.

The warning was fair and straighforward enough, but it failed to answer the main question that I had; so, if I happen to run into a tornado, what do I do then? Should I play dead, build a shelter or just try to run away? I might need to start building a tornadoe shelter in the near future...


ThePenguin said...

Stand your ground and draw yourself up to maximum height looking threatening - that should scare them off. Also make sure to hang any food up off the ground well away from your tent. Or is that bears?

Mr. Salaryman said...

I thought I should just climb a tree and then play dead?

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