Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sometimes it's the little things - The Elevator

We have four elevators in our building that goes up to the floor that we have our office in, and if you avoid the morning and lunch rush it's usually no problem to rather quickly push the down button, wait for a little while and the elevator comes. No problem, sometimes it takes a little longer which is no problem either, that's just the way elevators work.

One of the elevators is prioritized for handicaped people and have a separate handicap button (but if no one on some other floor has pushed it, it respons with the same speed as the other elevators so there's no need to push the handicap elevator call button). But something that really annoys me is, when I've pushed the elevator button, one of the elevators down lights has gone on and I know that it's inbound relatively soon. Then all of a sudden comes one of the older creepy looking guys from the office next door; he looks over the elevator section, sees that the button has been pressed and that one elevator is inbound but still he presses the handicap elevator call button in the hopes that it will save him 10-20 seconds by coming quicker. First of all, it never does and secondly, if someone with a real handicap actually needs to use that elevator, that old geezer will force that person to have to wait a bit longer since it will stop at our floor even though he's very much likely to go into the elevator that I called in the first place and comes faster.

It's times at these that I really really want to fart in the elevator when we're going down together... Sometimes it's just the little things...


Anonymous said...

My solution: work on the second floor and always use the stairs. I even used the stairs when working on the 6th floor at an earlier place.

The elevator atmosphere in Japan always creeps me out a bit. In the coffin-like silence, it feels like everybody is holding their breath.

Generic Jen B said...

So YOU'RE that kind of guy! The passive-aggressive elevator farter! I always wondered what the profile was. Turns out I'd underestimated the PAEF.

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