Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In the grim world of Warhammer, there are only babies sleeping

The always adorable Baby Sunshine has problems with relaxation and sleeping when she is meant to. We've tried all the tips and tricks that we have been able to find including excessive boob, rocking and just letting her cry it out (yes, the conclusion is that she doesn't seem to have an end to it).

However, I have now come up with an almost foolproof way of getting her to sleep! I take her with me to the computer room and play the strategical fantasy wargame "Warhammer - Mark of Chaos" with Baby Sunshine in the lap, the game has the benefit of being playable primarily with the mouse, leaving my left hand available to have a firm grip on the baby, but has the drawback of being a quite dull and boring game. She starts out watching the game intently as my ratmen army scurry across the screen to slaughter the enemy, then after a few minutes, she loses interest and start trying to reach the scissors, needles and other stuff I have lying on the computer table just in case I need them for anything, and then, giving up and falling peacefully asleep with her drool running down my forearm holding her up.

So far this method has turned out to be the most effecient and least exhausting way to get her to sleep. But I'm getting seriously tired of that game, I tried surfing the Internet but id didn't really work since the changes on the screen keep her interest up in what's going on... I guess you just play the cards you have been dealt!


Hanta said...

I'm calling the social services. Warhammer is a crime.

aimlesswanderer said...

So watching JP TV doesn't put her right to sleep?

You need an old skool strategy or rpg where it's all text and limited graphics and sound.

Foggia said...

Mindsweeper is played with the mouse only, and can be tremendously boring after a while too !

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hanta - Don't be like that and don't mix it up with Warcraft, world of difference!

Aimless - Well, this is the least energy consuming way and at least provides me with a little distraction while trying to get her to sleep

Foggia - Yeah, I guess Minesweeper or solitaire could work too, classic games!

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