Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Baby Sunshine and the video games

During the Christmas party earlier (see the previous post), my Brother in-Law played a little "Wii Party" with his 8 year old daughter to keep her entertained and pacified. The games in question were some cooperative mini-games where they worked together to clear the stage. Something which made the Mother in Law say "Salaryman, I bet you will play games with Baby Sunshine as well when she's 6 years old or so, won't you?". Due to some of the Christmas beer, my mask of sanity temporarily slipped and I quickly replied "No way, I aim to start her on it as early as possible, from two years old is the target age!".

A little off balance, MIL quickly recovered with "So you will play these kind of cooperative games with her, how nice", to which I again snapped back "No, I will only play competitive games with her and the moment she beats me at one game I will switch to another game that I know I'll beat her in and if it comes to that point, I will cheat to make sure she loses. I just, you know, wanna make sure she gets that feeling of just never being good enough compared to her old man".

The silence was a bit awkward for a few seconds until Baby Sunshine giggled out loud and diverted everyone's attention to her. Saved by the baby indeed.


Generic Jen B said...

Ahh don't you just hate those days where everything you say is taken literally... I'm safe in my Euro home though, it's my sanity zone. We just assume everything said is ironic ("second degre" in French) and it works a charm.

Merry Christmas BTW! Or happy new year, whichever you prefer.

Chris said...

I had a Wii tournament at my Christmas party and had a great time crushing my students and then laughing at them until Minami (11 year old girl) came upstairs and crushed me quickly and completely.

I stayed away from my own Wii for the rest of the night. An 11 year old with a smile that masks a brutal sadistic beast.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Jen B - Happy New Year to you as well and remember to keep those longjohns on over there, heard it's freezing cold this year!

Chris - Yeah, your only chance is to cheat, make sure that you have an easy way to pull out the power cable or so if the wind isn't blowing your way and claim a draw, that's probably for the best!

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