Friday, December 31, 2010

Towards 2011 - the Glorious year of the Rabbit

Now, 2010, the glorious year of the Tiger is coming to an end, to be replaced by the glorious year of the Rabbit (if nothing else, it ensures a quite considerable increase in cuteness in the upcoming traditional New Year's postcards) and is the yearly custom here in the blog, I thought I should go back and review some of the highlights of the year.

Biggest Event of 2010 was without doubt the dramatic (this is the topic of another post when I get around to it) entrance of little Baby Sunshine, who despite her meager size and young age has managed to turn our lives completely upside down, in a good way.

Biggest Purchase of 2010 was probably the hordes of baby toys, baby carriers, baby carts, baby clothes, baby books, baby music etc. I think you get the general idea. At some point I will have to make sure that she pays us back for all our expenses since we consider her a significant investment.

Music That Made Me Feel Like It's 1993 again in 2010 was the Swedish EBM group Autodafeh with their album "Identity Unknown" (listen to a track here) which gave me severe flashbacks of the still excellent "Tyranny for You" album by Front 242 and smoky EBM clubs in Stockholm that I really was too young to go to. Ok, it's a complete rip-off of the Front 242 sound by three overweight Swedes, but it's executed so damn good that it's impossible to not like it.

Music That Stuck in My Head and Refused to Leave in 2010 was the huge hit here in Japan by K-pop group Girl's Generation/少女時代 "Genie" (listen here), my attempts of doing the dance they do in the video never fail to amuse both Baby Sunshine and Mrs. Sunshine, but I nurture a futile hope that they're laughing with me and not at me.

Biggest Food Related Discovery in 2010 was without doubt the Chili Garlic Oil mix (see here), technically I got on it late 2009, but since it became the hit product of 2010 (also named so by several tv shows I've happened to see) it was hard to come by it until the supply chain started working in 2010, now there's millions of different brands out there, most of which are crap though.

Best Post of 2010, to take things a bit closer to home so to speak, my personal favorite post on this blog of 2010 probably was "The Stump", if you, dear Reader, has any other post of mine from 2010 you personally liked, please feel free to say something in the comments section, always appreciated

Best Title of Post in 2010 must be "Captain Awkward have difficulties peeing" (ok, I realize that it should be "has" and not "have", but whatever, that's blogging for you).

So, let me wish you all a fantastic Year of the Rabbit in 2011 and hope to see you around here then as well!


lina said...

Happy New Year. Hope it'll be as awesome as last year's and maybe more.

The year entering the year of rabbit just reminds me that I've lived through 3 animal signs cycle. :(

TheOctopus said...

Am I right in wishing you "Gott Nytt År", or have I just said something obscene about your baby carrier?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Lina - Happy New Year to you too and hope you can squeeze in a trip to Japan in 2011, but the Yen needs to go down in value a bit, starting to hit the Japanese industry a bit too hard now!

Octopus - Well you certainly have no shame coming here going "Gott Nytt År", I certainly hope no Swedish women of honor and repute reads this. Same to you!

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