Monday, December 20, 2010

Salaryman Recommends - Rock Manlyfist, Master of Space Karate

Now the end of the year is drawing close and as you may have noticed in the frequency of posting, both the adorable Baby Sunshine and the final stretch before the New Year's vacation here in Japan is draining most of my energy.

Instead, this time I thought I should push a great web-comic by cartoon genius Johan Wanloo - Rock Manlyfist not only is it a nailbiting thriller, but also a deep and sophisticated analysis and comment on Sweden as a society, far more accurate than the paradise picture that NHK seems to paint on a weekly basis here on Japanese tv with all the happy old people, free schools and all that stuff that pales in significance. New exciting episodes every Monday.

This is the only web-comic you'll ever need and it's infotaining as well, what more can you ask for?


ThePenguin said...

Is the blond guy supposed to be Julian Assange?

darko said...

might I also recommend sin fest, superb webcomic that will explode your mind with its awesomeness at sinfest :-D

Mr. Salaryman said...

Penguin - That was actually very very clever indeed!

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