Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thank you for sharing

There are many things about business that annoys me, pointless use of business jargon is definitely up there in the top. Most of it you kinda get used to and someone saying “we need to think outside the box” and making a face like he/she just said something really intelligent worth consideration is just a minor annoyance most of the time.

But something that still really annoys me is the use of “sharing” from some people in central functions and how these people seem to use “sharing” every chance they get as a substitute for “receiving” or “giving”, or even worse, as a substitute for “reporting”. Let me give you some examples of how usage of “sharing” can annoy me.

Improper use of “sharing” – real life examples
Case 1.
Mr. Salaryman forwards an e-mail to someone and gets an e-mail back saying “thank you for sharing this information” instead of “thank you for the information” or “thank you for sending me this information”.

Case 2.
Mr. Salaryman receives an e-mail or call from someone asking for some information “can you share this information with marketing?” instead of “can you send this information to marketing” or even “send this info to marketing”.

But just so you won’t think that I’m just complaining, I think I’d probably give you an example of what I consider proper and relevant use of “share” with you as well.

Proper use of “sharing” – real life examples
Marting: (Outside a work setting) “Hey, Salaryman, do you wanna share this Kit Kat bar with me?
Mr. Salaryman: “Sure

Just thought I should share my thoughts on this subject with my readers.


William said...

So 'sharing' to you only means an instance where you lose part of something and keep another part?

That's only 1 definition. Here's a couple others from dictionaries:

- To use, participate in, enjoy, receive, etc., jointly: The two chemists shared the Nobel prize.

- To relate (a secret or experience, for example) to another or others.

Both of those can be used for sharing information, since you both have the information afterwards.

Maybe your coworkers use the word too often, but they aren't using it incorrectly.

(And if you want to be particular about that verb, you should do the same with others, like 'send'. Have you -really- sent it to marketing if you still have a copy of it? No... It should be 'send a copy of this to marketing' instead.)

Chris said...

The "Willster"
The "Willinator"
"Ludwig von willy"
"Johan Sebatian Willer"
"Evil Willnevel"

"You can call me an uptight asshole but DON'T call me late for willer"

"If Willie the cross-dressing crack whore had 1 crack rock and then he broke off half of it for his twin brother Willam jr. How much crack would Willie the crack smoking cross-dressing alley whore have left"??

I felt inspired to type a buncha pointless not the point bullshit because the poster above me did that.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey William,

Thanks for sharing!
I appreciate that you looked it up in a dictionary to share with us all!

I thought the last line in my post shared with my readers that I do understand that the verb sharing actually can be used as in the bad examples I shared in the post.

Basically they key thing I wanted to share is that most business jargon actually has moments when it is applicable, but excessive use to "soften" stuff is sometimes taken to extremes and overused. But I like that we got a sharing thing going on here.

Chris - Thanks for sharing... ... ... that? We could both share in the merriment of that post I believe!

Danielle said...

Leaving aside the appeal to semantics with which William attempted to sway you (and about which he is actually perfectly correct), let me try a different tack:

Working in an office, you cannot have failed to come across those bastards who DON'T share their information. You must know those information hoarders who see knowledge as power and will keep it to themselves until such time that it benefits them, often when, for the lack of said information, Metropolis is beginning to burn and then it's "ooh it's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER-BASTARD-WHO-KNEW-IT-ALL-ALONG-TO-WHOM-WE-BETTER-ALL-COW-TOW-EARLIER-NEXT-TIME."

In short, plenty of people need to be taught to share information and replacing the words "send" or "give" with "share" is not only grammatically legitimate but also might just change the info-hoarding culture without resorting to mandatory viewing of episodes of Sesame Street (brought to you by the letter 'S')

Mr. Salaryman said...

Oh, it seems like both Billy and Danielle got this blog mixed up with my other blog discuss correct grammars, but here I can share it with you http://grammatik.blogspot.com/ grammatical discussions we can have over there.

I don't think you really got what I wanted to say with the post, but it's ok, I still like you both! You put in an effort!

Information hoarders is not anything I have any big problems with since it usually comes back and hit them in the back pretty quickly when they are confronted with why they didn't distribute the info through the proper channels (hey, you can say "share" if you want to)

Chris said...

"I don't think you really got what I wanted to say with the post,"

Gee..Ya think??

Your way too kind.
How do people make it through life with such limited skills of observation?

It's kind of stunning really.

If some "people" could read between the lines you write, they might find themselves.

Get it??

Sure you do.

But most don't :(

Me said...

Ah, sharing. I get the warm fuzzies - like looking at Williams blog. Somehow I get the feeling that this concept of sharing just isn't office appropriate - unless its one ongoing office party.

Sharing info in the office isn't really "sharing" is it - its flow - as in following a flow chart; ergo, the smooth flow of normal office decorum while those who hord and prevent such flow simply being poor and deficiant employees - not a spoil sport kumbuya holdout as Daniella seems to infer.

Foggia said...

My comp uses the word "partnership" way to much, especially with customers.

I sell, you buy, it can be a win/win situation but it's not exactly a partnership.

Just thought I'd make a slight abuse of your blog for some slightly related bicthfest, sorry.

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