Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey! We got cable!

Up until now, I've actually never had cable TV installed in my place, but recently we made the effort and had J-Com come over and set the stuff up, (who J. Turningpin actually recommended in comment to an earlier post) and they didn't disappoint, the guy coming in to install and set up the cable, including the 500GB HDDVD (nice!) was very polite and set everything up for us and then walked us through how to us use the stuff and then promptly disappeared like a ghost in the night.

So now we have access to such amazing channels such as "Fishing Vision", "Samurai Drama Channel", "Only old crappy Japanese movies channel" and other such gems. I don't know how I'm supposed to get any sleep done anymore with so much fun to be had!

(The picture actually has nothing at all to do with the post and should be seen as a small tribute to frequent comment poster and fellow blogger (hey, check it out, he has his moments) "The Penguin")


john turningpin said...

This is pretty sweet, a shout-out to two fellow Tokyo bloggers. And congrats on the new internets!

ThePenguin said...

Indeed, a Penguin never forgets. As many of my erstwhile enemies have found to their extreme disadvantage.

When you hear the high-speed waddle of webbed feet coming in your direction, you know it's time to say your last goodbyes.

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