Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a small Internet!

My blog has now been up and running for a little more than two years (the birthday was celebrated here) and there have been some interesting results from that:

1. Google "Tokyo" and "Salaryman" and I come up in the top 5, only "Salaryman" still gives me a top 10 result

2. Google "big bosoms", "girl on girl action" or "naked sex adventure" and I show up in the top 40 for all of them.

3. Google "Tokyo" and "gay toilets" and I come up as number 1, as it well should be.

All is well.


ThePenguin said...

Is Mrs Salaryman-Sunshine aware of the fact that you google for "tokyo gay toilets"?

sixmats said...

No kidding. Better not let the in-laws find out.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, guys, I hope we can keep this between us, ok?

Chris said...

Perhaps she would be interested in, say, that "girl on girl" stuff. Forget the gay toilet stuff and focus on the good bits!

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