Thursday, May 14, 2009

Call me anything you like

As I was sitting at my desk today, happily slaving away, my mobile phone rings and the number is only displayed as "User unset" (which usually means that it's either from outside Japan or that the caller deliberately has set his/hers phone to not display the number when calling which in turn usually is a bit suspicious). After a second of thought I decided to take the phone call and it turns out it was from the bank where I had been on an errand a little earlier. The phone call went something like this.

Clerk: Hello, is this Mr. Salaryman? This is from the UFJ Mitsubishi bank.
Mr. Salaryman: Yes, this is me
Clerk: Thank you very much for stopping by earlier, we just had one question on the application you handed in earlier today.
Mr. Salaryman: Ok...?
Clerk: It is regarding which phone to contact you on if we need to ask you any questions, you noted down both your home phone and your mobile phone, which is best to call during daytime?
Mr. Salaryman: Huh? Well, call my mobile phone.
Clerk: Thank you very much, that was all (in an overly cheery voice)

That was probably one of the most unnecessary phone calls in the history of man! But at least they kept in touch!

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