Sunday, May 10, 2009

Making a "Donburi" - Cooking with Mr. Salaryman

Well, I have been thinking of starting up this great new series teaching out the noble art of Japanese cooking for quite a while but I have finally now gotten around to kicking it off properly.

I would believe that most people reading this blog is somewhat familiar with the Japanese kitchen, and I think it is without discussion that Japanese food ranks among the finest kitchens in the world. I still get surprised when I get to Europe and see the amount of Sushi, Yakiniku and other Japanese restaurants available nowadays (granted, Yakiniku should probably formally be labeled Korean food!). People who have visited here are probably also familiar with other more advanced foods such as the Kyoto kitchen, Shabu-shabu etc., the list of great dishes available here in Japan can easily become very long.

But you might get the urge to cook some Japanese food at home, with limited access to the required ingredients, this is obviously where I, and this new section comes in! Today I will teach you the fine art of cooking a "Donburi".

Making a Donburi is not easy and it requires you to have available a bowl of rice, never mind the type of rice, it can be whichever type you like, and it also requires you to have something to put on top of the rice that can somehow be swallowed and/or digested. This you can legitimately call a "donburi" and claim that it is Japanese food. You also get to call it whatever you want, as long as you put a "-don" at the end.

To get you inspired and started, please see two Donburi's that I recently prepared for you to see, first off I made a God-Jesus-don:

This dish is characterized by a slightly divine flavour and is fitting breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Also, I recently tried making a Salaryman-don as well:

This one is slightly acidic in taste and have a tendency to induce stomach sickness, but is otherwise quite enjoyable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and get cooking with the Japanese kitchen!

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norcal-nikkei said...

Your Donburi looks dry

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