Monday, May 4, 2009

Targetting new market segments

As I have been doing this blog, I have mainly been going at it in the two main categories of expat and business anecdotes segments with a few forays into baby and fashion (here and here) blogging, unfortunately I cannot say that either of these new ventures proved to be a huge success and pull in the audience of millions of people that I expected.

However, as I saw an opening in the very hot topic of toilet blogging, I thought my recent post on this topic could be my ticket to the big league. For some reason I felt pretty satisfied with this deep analysis of toilets world wide and decided to see if I could find a market and then tap into it. A quick search for "toilet blogs" on google however showed that I'm not the first one to believe in this attractive segment of the blogging market with quite a large number of blogs dedicated to this exciting topic.

I quickly identified the key opinion leader of the toilet blogging segment and sent out an e-mail, alterting this VIP to my recent post and to my great joy, I quickly received a reply by mail as below:

"Topic: cool toilet !‏
From: toilet toilet
Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 5:22:43 PM
To: tokyosalaryman(at)hotmail(dot)com

Nice info you put on the blog about toilets :) keep on the good work :)
Any way if you like you can link to my site:
Site name: clogged toilet


This could be my big break!


Karen said...

Yes, but I forgot...did you also write about Turkish toilets? Or is that yet another depth of material worth plumbing?

Nor-Cal Nikkei said...

Is that brown, swirly thing next to the toilet what I think it is?

Chris said...

I had to look at the pic for a few seconds to really SEE it.

Da-yum :(

Mr. Salaryman said...

Turkish toilets? I think we would be going into depths that not even I dare to venture with that...

I just hope the toilet bloggers will accept me into the fold!

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