Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Make some room please, I'm coming out of the closet!

When I started this blog it was mostly focused on the craziness in work with some Japanese stories as well. However, I feel that it is about time for me to take this blog in a completely new direction. I'm going to make this a men's fashion blog from now on, I always secretly wanted to do that so that will be the future direction!

Today I was wearing a gray t-shirt with a picture of an AK-47 on it and on top of that I wore a old washed out black zip-up hoodie. I wore a slightly scabby looking military style green jacket on top of that. I wore washed out gray jeans and very old and dirty doctor marten boots (not laced up, obviously) to complement the look.
I feel that this is the look that will be coming world wide in the near future and I call it "looks like someone with a knife in a pocket that is out to kill some authority figure (politican, pop star, general celebrity or something similar) because he believes that person is sending radio waves into his head that makes his life horrible". Trust me when I say that it will catch on big!

The Good News:
1. I bought the new Universal Poplab cd "seed" today
2. There's a documentary on TV about mentally handicapped killers and their lives in a special prison - almost sounds like it was custom made to cater to my interests!

The Bad News:
1. I don't have access to a cd player, so I can't listen to the new UP cd yet...
2. I'm so extremely tired today so I'm not sure I can manage to stay up for that, must-be-great documentary!

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