Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This is YOUR chance!

I just noticed that a version of "God-Jesus" is currently going on Yahoo Auctions (only Japan national) but this one is a variant, it does not go under the "God-Jesus" name instead it's called "Pekemaru", maybe because they realized that "God-Jesus" is not a completely politically correct name...

But it has a cross and it's pink! This is a definite collectors item and it goes for 9,800JPY (aprox. $100USD). Believe me when I said that I would buy it, but since I'm leaving Japan tomorrow morning I can't do the bank transfers and stuff so instead I share my discovery with you, my faithful readers!

Check it out! The auction expires at 10:41am tomorrow May 8 Japan time! Edit: Just saw that the person selling it has reposted the great product and it`s now going until May 15!


Chris said...

It is soooo wrong....and yet...I really want one???

Martin said...

It seems expensive. Is it worth it?

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