Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Grand Theft Mario Kart!

Ok, I think it's been hinted at before in this little blog, but I am pretty fond of computer games as a means of entertainment and as every true gamer the recent big events has been the release of "Mario Kart Wii" and "Grand Theft Auto 4" for the Wii and PS3 respectively.

I have been spending a little time with both of these little critters now and since I can't be bothered to wait for 3+ months for GTA4 to come to Japan in a translated state and risk all of the voices being dubbed in Japanese (you never know, sometimes they keep the original language though) I imported the US version of the game.

But I have a great idea for a game for Nintendo which crossed my mind as I was playing the two games back to back recently. How about "Grand Theft Mario Kart"?! And to spice things up a bit "Animal Crossing" could also be thrown into the mix. An exciting adult story about Mario trying to make it big in the animal crossing world and getting mixed up in dirty businesses there could be something great. I offer this idea to Nintendo freely and made a teaser screenshot!


lina said...

hmph, I always wonder what's so addictive with Mario & Animal Crossing. My hubby and son are hooked on them.

ThePenguin said...

How about "Grand Theft Tokyo Charinko"?

Mr. Salaryman said...

Well, Nintendo does make high quality games that you can feel pretty safe in having your kids play in that there's very little to worry about in unsuitable content. You should try, I know that Animal Crossing has a huge following in adult women here in Japan!

And yeah, Penguin, now that you mention it, there's a huge untapped market in terms of "Grand Theft (insert something)" games!

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