Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hey there, baby

In this humble post I thought that I might also reveal something that probably people reading this blog never really cared about in the first place. But your Mr. Salaryman is of Swedish nationality with friends and family living in this small, and in the grand scale of things, insignificant country. One of the good things about working from Paris is that I can travel home to Sweden during the weekends which is exactly what I did recently.

You see, Mr. Salaryman has recently become Uncle Salaryman to a very tiny little girl. The baby girl was just one week old when I visited her and her main activities consisted of sleeping, screaming a little to signal hunger and eat. That was basically it.
I must admit that I feel a slight dissapointment in that it was a girl since I had grand plans for buying presents and stuff if it had been a boy. My overall plan remains though, and it is to buy presents that generates significant amounts of noise such as drums and toy guns with sound effects built in.
Other parts of the visits are kinda blurry but I think it involved meeting an old friend and ending up in an empty bar drinking beer until they threw us out. However, now I'm back in Paris and working on the boobs again!
Things I really hate about France and the French 4:
Hotel staff that acts as if you are offending them, their mothers and other parts of their extended family when you are trying to get the answer to a simple question.


Anonymous said...



bro said...

you should give her loads of cute baby clothes with engrish!!!

Martin said...

I think a new God Jesus toy would be appropriate. Ask -"Will she have a bizarre sex change as an adult?".

Mr. Salaryman said...

I've already asked God-Jesus that about you and I'm afraid to give you the news... Bizarre feels too light to describe that...

Martin said...

Oh... Don´t i really not want to know the answer? And will you give me lots of gifts after the "change" whatever it will be?

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