Saturday, August 4, 2007

Say hello, wave goodbye

Well, it's another one of those semi-serious postings since something we all knew, but still sad, has happened. The Hag handed in her resignation note one month ago and last Tuesday was her final day at the office. In just a month she will return back to the USA to reunite with her fiancee, Tony the Tiger (he's ggggggreat).

(Just for the sake of it I should also mention that I did not name The Hag based on any physical characteristics but due to the closeness to her name.)

Her final time in the office were unfortunately plagued by some nasty incidents including accusations of theft of company property (false, obviously) and a nasty hurtful anonymous e-mail directed towards her. But, we, the regular people in the office will really miss her and the office will be a much calmer, boring place without her and we already feel it.

Favorite moments at work with The Hag that immediately comes to mind are obviously the earthquake - under the table diving incident and the tale of the man with the balls attached to his coat. Oh, and yeah, the masturbating man under the bridge was a good one too. And since The Hag is one of the few people in the office that is aware of the existence of this blog I can also here say "thank you very much for all the laughs and listening to me when things were a bit bumpy". We had a lot of fun in the office and outside of it.

The farewell party was a lot of fun as well with plenty of drinks, half-decent food and rowdy conversations about the greatness of male rape scenes in movies, where I, for some strange reason, was the only one to argue that it's great.... And the most important ingredient for a farewell party was there as well, tears and not few of them either!

Great stuff, I'll miss her both in work and private!

(I think I'm on to something here naming posts after Soft Cell songs, but I wonder when I get the chance to use "Sex Dwarf" for a post...)


stepherie said...

thank you dear, for the very kind post! the time at the office was pretty difficult but because of wonderful people like you, i made it through! i'll miss you and all the great people at the office. keep up the awesome posts though so that i can keep in touch! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, okay. My question about the nickname has been answered.

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