Monday, August 20, 2007

The adventures of a foreign salaryman in Tokyo in Paris

The boob research takes me around the world and your Mr. Salaryman is presently located in the center of Paris for some time to come. So this blog will transform a little the next month which I hope you will find equally entertaining as my normal Japan adventures.
I am not here alone either, I took The Boy under my arm and also on the trip is Captain Britain who I have not introduced yet but will, given a little more time.

I will also take this opportunity to introduce my new regular feature which I have elected to call "Things I really hate about France and the French".

Things I really hate about France and the French of the day:
1. Waiters at restraurants that ignore you even though they are just hanging around.


Martin said...

There are a million things about the French to hate. You dont need to list anything.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Well, there's always new things to hate and add to the list. Hating French is like watching the rainbow - everyone views it a little differently but everyone thinks it's pretty (or in this particular case, horrible)

Anonymous said...

I did a search on Captain Britain on your site and could not find the promised explanation. :( I guess the name is self-explanatory but he sounds like a funny character. I find it strange that he doesn't like Asian or Indian food because I have this image that all British people love chutney (and also British food has a reputation for being horrible, ex. blood pudding, steak and kidney pie, haggis). What part of Britain is he from? I am imagining a haughty Englishman from a good family with a posh accent, who turns his nose up at everything. Please correct me if I'm wrong (but no hitting!)

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