Friday, August 31, 2007

Yeah, let's go for Chinese food!

Today me and the boy got fed up with the standard menu which all restaurants in Paris seems to carry which consists mainly of steak and fries. We thought we should try something a little different and since Captain Britain is away (for some reason he always vetoed Asian or Indian food) we thought it could be interesting to try some Chinese food here in Paris and get a little change.from all the meat and fries.

Well... we were in for a surprise... We actually looked at one place and discarded it as crappy looking and went for the place with red ailings and gold writing which should be an universal sign of authentic Chinese cuisine. It is hard to describe the quality and service we received at this place, and the bad quality of the food was almost entertaining. Since we in Japan are quite used to Chinese food and your Mr. Salaryman has also been to China having the real deal I think it is fair to say that we know decent Chinese food when we have it. This place didn't have it. The soup I had as a starter really tasted like warm water and The Boy refused to believe it for a good while until he tasted it. To add insult to injury the place wasn't particularly cheap either and service consisted of a middle-aged Chinese man with a bad moustasche coming to our table, looking pissed off and aggressively shouting out the name of the food we ordered. At least the extreme bad quality of the food resulted in some entertainment from me and The Boys side speaking in English and probably embarrasing the middle aged British couple next to us, probably on their second honey-moon or so thinking they had hit the genuine deal. I can tell you that we're not going back, looks like steak and fries is the safest way to go here in Paris...

Things I really hate about France and the French 5:
Chinese restaurants in Paris...


bro said...

when do we get to see the "things mr. salaryman really loves about france and the french"... ?

Foggia said...

Chinese food does suck bad in France.
Most of the time it's written "Chinese restaurant", there'll be some Viet or Thaï behind the counter though.
"Japanese restaurant" on the other side, does have a lot of Chinese chef.
Go figure. Or don't and just have a good old steak and fries.

Anonymous said...

Isn't French cuisine world-renowned? I bet Luke would have more knowledge on this... should've asked him before you left for food recommendations if you are the type of person to get bored of eating the same thing every day (I can totally relate to that).

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