Friday, June 12, 2009

Do the blind funk

Seen earlier today; a blind woman walking down the street using the stick to make sure the way in front of her is safe while wearing massive earphones connected to what looked like an iPod.

I mean, it’s really none of my business and if things work out for her that’s great, but with one of the major senses not available to you, does it really make sense to block out another one with music? But what do I know, maybe some people rely on their sense of smell in navigating their way around?


Jing said...

You're right, I agree. We're entitled to give opinions on things. Thanks for your post.

Rydangel said...

my cousin is blind, she became blind due to a hereditary illness as a child. but it always amazed me that she could walk to school by herself. evidently blind people memorize their route through some kind of sensory training. she doesn't have any trouble getting around except when going new places for the first time, or if you re-arrange the furniture. when walking inside she kind of touches everything to find out the layout, and she remembers it. but if you change it without telling her, she'll stumble and fall. i must admit i wanted her to get a seeing-eye dog, but then, i just wanted a dog.

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