Monday, June 29, 2009

The greatest show on earth!

I know that I am jumping ahead here a little bit since the official “getting married in Japan ” series really hasn’t gotten to this stage yet, but if you just see this as a brief interlude and teaser of things to come, I think we can all get along peacefully. For a wedding reception in Japan , it is customary to have entertainment, speeches and the like lined up for the guests, much as in most European countries and the US I would believe, so nothing particularly special about that.

When discussing the options with Ms. Sunshine (currently Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman) I had a little wish list of things that I wanted to have as below:

  • A castrato albino pygmy choir in blackface singing “Jesus Christ Superstar”
  • A dance troupe of Manpanzees/chumans performing interpretive dance to the song

  • A family of fire breathing acrobatic midgets performing feats of strengths

  • A herd of squirrels trained to play musical instruments, performing evergreens dressed up as selected US presidents

After investigating this a bit more in detail and discussing with Ms. Sunshine, we settled with having one of her cousins sing a song to a karaoke soundtrack. You can’t have it all I guess…


ThePenguin said...

Women, eh? No sense of fun.

By the way I would like to share with you that the collective noun for squirrels is "dray", not "herd".

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey Penguin! Thanks for sharing!
"Dray"? What is a gang of penguins called btw? Flock?

Chris said...

I got stuck on "herd of squirrels"

Not the English ..just the image...

" A quiet hush fell upon us, as we were surprised by the sight of
a large herd of squirrels slowly migrating across the open plains of western Massachusetts in search of fresh acorns "

Dray is the way...but a herd of squirrels just sounds too cool!!

ThePenguin said...

The collective noun for "gang of penguins" is a "boryokudan". (Slogan: "in ur neighbourhood protectin' ur interests").

Chris said...

I was thinking the Imperial March from Star Wars for when the bride walks down the aisle. Most appropriate I reckon.

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