Friday, February 1, 2008

Question: Are We Not Chuman? Answer: We Are Manpanzees!

Recently yours truly has been on the beach after the horrible project that ran through the holidays, but sitting in the office without much work to do doesn’t really mean that there are not plenty of things to think about. At the moment the main thing occupying my mind is which word is most suitable; “Manpanzee”, “Chuman” or “Humanzee”. This still requires some thought from my side, but I am now leaning towards “Manpanzee” since that seems most appropriate. I do strongly suspect that several people in my general area have a Manpanzee heritage but are ashamed of it and keep it secret due to the risk of the social stigma associated with a monkey parent.

With my mind pretty occupied with things like the above and Japan still cold as Viking hell I do feel that I’m currently running on an empty tank, however counter-measures has been put in place and an intensive session of warmth, sunshine and Ms. Sunshine will probably set me straight again in just a little bit.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, what? Are you implying that there are some very hairy people around you? I heard that Japanese people think people of Ainu or Okinawan heritage are pretty hairy...

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