Monday, February 25, 2008

Eh...? I'm not sure that this is a good idea, really...

Today after an entertaining day at the office cold calling companies, I did as I often do on my way home from the company and passed by the local supermarket to buy some groceries and stuff that I need for my lair. That's neither particularly funny and/or unusual. Sometimes they have a small "event booth" set-up in the supermarket handing out food samples of something that the manufacturers has tricked the poor supermarket into pushing.

Now, those of my readers who follow the news in Japan know of the recent scandal with Chinese manufactured deep-frozen "gyouza" that contained pesticide (which I earlier promised not to talk about, but hey, this is different!) and which put quite a scare in the consumers here in Japan. Today the sample event booth was serving gyoza and in the time I spent in the supermarket I saw the poor guy trying to offer samples to at least 10 people of which everyone declined... I don't know, but maybe the timing wasn't the best?
Me? Yeah, I declined too, pesticide isn't really my thing...

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