Sunday, February 3, 2008

You too?

Going back to an earlier subject, this morning too Tokyo experienced snowing and quite a lot of it. I woke up next to the always wonderful Ms. Sunshine and I prepared to go out to get us some breakfast and the following exchange took place:

Ms. Sunshine: Wow, it's really snowing a lot, good that I brought my umbrella!
Mr. Salaryman: (Hesitating for one moment, but letting it slide) yeah, I'll go and get us breakfast now.
Ms. Sunshine: Great, do you have an umbrella?
Mr. Salaryman: (Unable to keep silent) No, you see, I don't think you really need an umbrella when it's snowing...
Ms. Sunshine: Really, but what do you do when you get it on your jacket?
Mr. Salaryman: Well, I brush it off?
Ms. Sunshine: But what if you get it in your hair?
Mr. Salaryman: Well, I brush it off too...
Ms. Sunshine: Oh, well if you're ok with that...

I can't really hold it against her, after all she's a Tokyo girl but personally I will refuse to use an umbrella when it's snowing!


auberginefleur said...

No vote on whether you use an umbrella in snow?


Mr. Salaryman said...

Haha, no.
This is a matter of principle and I know in my heart that I am correct so putting this out to a public referendum could have the opposite effect. Umbrellas should not be used for snow, period.

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