Thursday, January 24, 2008

No! That is NOT how you use an umbrella!

Yesterday it was one of those rare winter days here in Tokyo where it actually snowed a bit, and not the wet rain mixed snow, real white snow although it melted pretty quickly on the ground and hardly any traces could be found today in central Tokyo even though the cold remains. This usually happens only on one or two days during the Tokyo winter.

Now, there is one thing the irritates me immensly about Tokyo people when it's snowing... A lot of people, I'd even go so far as to say most, use an umbrella when it's snowing! That is not how it is supposed to be used! Now, I know for a fact that this is not a countrywide issue, I've been in other parts of Japan during the cold of winter and seen how people there live through some light snow without umbrellas or other protective equipment. But Tokyo people just doesn't seem to understand when and how an umbrella should be used. As long as you can brush the snow off yourself, you're fine.

I'm not sure on how to approach this problem, what I am trying to do is educate the people I met and some of the people in the office I strongly suspect of using an umbrella in the snow (even though they denied it). Help create awareness, this is a problem!


tornados28 said...

Unless it's really, really wet snow, then there is no reason to use an umbrella when it is snowing. I like it when it is snowing on me. City folk.

ThePenguin said...

That stuff you've had in Tokyo looks like ambitious sleet :-)

This Penguin uses an umbrella when wet, sloppy snow falls here in Northern Europe. Especially when it comes down at an angle trying to get into your eyes.

But you're right, with proper snow (the stuff which comes down cold and stays that way), an umbrella is only useful for fighting your way out of a drift.

Martin said...

Have you tried to use an umbrella in the winter? Maby it is a great idea?

I wouldn´t know. Umbrellas are for sissys!

Work From Home Jobs said...

LOL, the Japanese use their umbrellas for rain, snow, and the sun. Thanks for the memory.

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