Thursday, January 3, 2008

There can be only One!

Working now during the 2nd and 3rd when most of the Japanese people as well as people in my lovely company, are either out fighting over the sales going on all over the place, or sitting at home under their kotatsu and eating mochi, me, the Boy, Dr. Y and New Girl (yet to be fully introduced) were toiling away in the office like a normal day. However, since the Boy and Dr. Y basically are finished with their current project Dr. Y had brought his Wii into the office to keep them entertained now during the calm.

It was impossible to not get pulled into some of the gaming that went on and the 2008 Mario Party Office Championships were held. I played my game strategic, both in the boardgame section and in the mini-games and managed to, without much effort, take home the title. My colleagues at least acknowledged my superiority and I think I gained a great deal of respect today! Please see the video of my victory dance! It did take a bit of time away from the horrible project I'm working on at the moment, but with the title secured I can say it was worth it and I'll compensate by getting stuff done tomorrow!

Last year I also crushed the opposition in Wii Sports (Tennis, Bowling, Golf as well as Baseball) and I still sometimes remind the Boy about the beating he received in Def Jam:Icon last year, as well as the harsh taunts he had to endure in-game.


stepherie said...

haha wow, i have mario party too and can't help but wonder how the hell you managed to get 15 stars! i see that you've wiped away the competition with their measly 6 stars and below

Mr. Salaryman said...

Yeah, 15 stars is pretty impressive if I can say so myself, but on the other hand, the competition was from the bottom of the barrel, if I played you I'm sure it would be a much harder battle ;)

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