Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Hey guys, how've you been?

You know how it is when you meet old friends you haven't seen in many years, sometimes it's just like nothing ever happened and time has stood still and you can talk and have fun just like you had earlier, but sometimes when you meet old friends you realize that you've grown apart in different directions and really don't have anything in common anymore and it just ends up being awkward and uncomfortable.

Recently I met two friends that I've know for many many years and we used to be best buddies but in the last years we haven't really interacted much at all. We hung out for an evening, my friends Alien and Predator, who had also brought along their new friend called "Predalien" whom they apparently hang out with all the time nowadays.

I expected to have lots of fun with them, just like we used to have, but the whole evening turned out pretty awkard and they were not at all as I remembered them. Alien was in many ways similar to before, but it just felt like his act has been getting a bit old and he just did the same stuff he's always done without changing at all, but it was Predator who dissapointed me the most. He used to be a pretty smart big guy, but this time he just behaved pretty stupid. He really changed a lot from when I first met him.
Then, this guy, Predalien I had heard so much about turned out to be a real idiot, loud, ugly and not particularly special at all and I felt even a bit annoyed that they brought him along since he just ruined things for me.
But it makes me think, maybe I should get back in touch with Robocop too and see how he's been doing? He never dissapointed me before...

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Anonymous said...

Hey!!! What about me - mr short? How come you never mention me in your stupid blog? Blaah :-P

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