Friday, February 15, 2008

Getting it from all directions

Yes, it's that season again which I talked about way back earlier and some of you people who has been following this blog might remember it, it's the time for the "360 Degrees Feedback". The good 'ol time to settle old grievances and live out your revenge fantasies through pen and paper through writing anonymous comments and rating of your colleagues.

Thankfully, I got pretty good ratings and nice comments from most of the people I've worked with leading up to a pretty nice bonus coming up in the near future which never hurts. However, I did get some interesting comments that I would like to share with you:
"Using more buzz phrases" - I'm not really sure on what this means, since I am pretty allergic to buzz words I assume this person meant that I should use more buzz words, for which purpose I'm not really certain...
"Tends to be a kind of stereotype" - I like this one too, not sure I know exactly what type of stereotype I tend to be...
Hopefully people have now gotten all their petty grievances and revenge fantasies out of their systems and we can soldier on in the high powered world of consulting!

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