Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Peace and quiet

Finally some peace and quiet once again reigns over the Salaryman household, with the Martin family having packed up their things to take the morning flight back to Europe with my new little buddy Otto, the next time I see him he'll probably have a beard and tattoos all over the place since it might be a year or so until we next meet.

After I moved to Japan I very rarely see Martin, perhaps once a year or even less and usually for a limited time, but the strange thing is that it never feels like it's been long at all since I saw him and that no environment feels strange to see him in. It should logically feel a bit odd to see him as the father to a little baby and in the middle of Japan, but for some reason it feels completely natural. We did try to drunk call our common friend Mr. Political Advisor but he smartly avoided our efforts to disturb him during working hours back in Europe...

We did manage to squeeze in a little baby free time including a bunch of beers and Japanese booze at a local "Izakaya" followed by coming home and being a nuisance to our wives and playing The Simpsons game until we got stuck and gave up around 4am on Sunday morning. We did also manage to sneak in taking some "prikura" ("Print Club") photos in a arcade nearby. Good times, but now it's all calm and peaceful again.


Chris said...

I got "the pink slip" from your blogroll??

I haven't had a drink in 114 days so I know it wasn't for a drunken rant??

Truth be told...
Mine is not so interesting.


Mr. Salaryman said...

No no Chris!
It's pure laziness on my part, I was gonna change it to your new one but fell asleep half way, I'll add the new site!

No worries :)

Anonymous said...



the purikura shot is funny. it is really an icon of japan.

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