Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My boom!

One of the amusing things with the Japanese language is how small phrases become popular, ok, fashion words and phrases exist in any language I believe, but the funny thing in Japan is how they often take some words in English and string them together in new innovative ways which might or might not end up making any sense.

But hey, most of the time it's more amusing than anything and nothing to get excited about. One recent such popular phrase is "my boom" (マイブーム・mai buum) and that phrase is used to express some recent trend, food or basically anything that you have gotten into lately. It could be anything from Tom of Finland Art, C64 retro gaming, reading up on the life of Dennis Nielsen or any other perfectly normal interest.

My recent "My boom" is this 貝入りラー油 which is basically Chinese Chili oil, but not only the oil, it also includes plenty of chopped garlic, red peppers and stuff mixed together with the chili oil. If you like spicy stuff and garlic, this stuff is amazing. There are hardly anything that it doesn't go with and Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman, who cannot really handle too spicy food, has now given up when I mention "you know what would go really great with this?" and just sighs as I got get my chili oil stuff. Put it on some plain rice and it'll make it sparkle. Check it out here, you can even get my favorite stuff outside of Asia, let it boom all over the place!

(The picture was taken just a few days before God-Jesus was arrested on the genocide charges and I have put my best lawyers at work getting him out and back home)


Karen said...

I love this! I have to use it.

sarımsak hapı zayıflama said...

natural vitamin sources is to eat garlic to taste great, even better than the antibiotics he is my miracle swine flu.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Karen - Yes, you can also have this as your "boom", it's seriously really really good and as long as you're ok with spicy food you're all set!

Sarimsak hapi blahblah - Wow, this looks a lot like spam, but I find your webpage so great that I won't delete you!

john turningpin said...

Hold on now... You mean 具入り not 貝入り, right? God-Jesus compels you!

Mr. Salaryman said...

I stand corrected and good to see you around again J!

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