Thursday, December 3, 2009

You think this might be in bad taste...?

If you're living in Japan, and probably even if you're not living in Japan, but have an interest in Japanese current affairs, I think it would be hard to have missed the huge media event that the Japanese guy who murdered an British English teacher and recently got caught generated.

He managed to stay on the run for a little over two years and also had extensive plastic surgery done to change his appearance. Following his arrest the media attention has still been pretty intense with news reporting on his refusal to eat or give any statements to the police regarding the murder. The whole plastic surgery deal added a layer of surrealism to the case which made it reach even regular newspapers back in Sweden. Today, in the morning, just as I had gotten out of the bed with Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman and turned the TV on to the morning news, they reported that the police had now formally charged him with the murder and also rape of the poor victim.

As we were struggling to wake up and I was pouring myself a cup of coffee and I watched the news, not having heard anything about a rape before, I casually commented to Mrs. Sunshine-Salaryman as I was sipping my coffee "yeah, that makes sense that he raped her, good for him since he was gonna kill her anyway. If you absolutely have to kill someone it makes perfect sense that you squeeze in the crime of a rape while you're at it since it's lower on the punishment scale, I hope he stole the money in the wallet too". To my surprise this little sleepy morning comment from me on current events proved to be pretty controversial in the household until I managed to convince Mrs. Sunshine that this brought him one step closer to the gallows....

Later on in the day I discussed my logic with a friend and without missing a beat he nodded and added "for sure, if I was going to end up killing someone, I'd probably keep that person locked up in my basement for a few months and torture him or her, if you're gonna do that kinda thing you can at least make it last, make the most of it, you know?".

Disclaimer: The above is a post made in black humour regarding a highly publicized media event in Japan. In no way does Mr. Salaryman actually support violent and/or sexual assaults on any person and believes that such criminals should be punished to the full extent of the law.

The views expressed here by Mr. Salaryman does not represent the views of Mr. Salaryman as a real person.


Chris said...

I think the disclaimer is a sad commentary on how little sense some people have for seeing between the lines or just using their fucking head.

Although we both know you just saved yourself from responding to people who would have totally missed it.

It does suck giving stupid people more time then their little minds are worth but hey if it weren't for dumb shits, smart asses would have no reference point from which to compare themselves to and claim their obvious cerebral superiority.

Nice way to rev the Missus up so early in the morning.
I can almost here the "what did you just say? are you serious"? from right here ;)

Martin said...

Nicely said Chris. You are very clever indeed.

Disclaimer: This comment might or might not express the true opinions of Martin.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Yeah, I wrestled with whether I should even put it in there, but I just didn't feel like dealing with people who might not grasp black humour. Haha, and yeah, it did wake her up from her half-dazed state.

Martin - Maybe we should instead start with disclaimer for when we actually mean something?

Taarne said...

Mmmm.. Bang for buck.

While this Mr. Salaryman seems to be a most shockingly distasteful character with apparently plenty of gruesome side effects of morning incompatibility and a lack of gum-devastating brown stuff, his friend does really seem to step it up a notch with the basement imprisonment for some sweet, sweet torture. Go friend!

Keep up the good work!

aimlesswanderer said...

On a semi related note, here in New South Wales our politicians have unfortunately been falling over themselves to be "tough" on crime, and after a few horrific incidents they really ramped up the sentences for rape.

However (as my brother's law lecturer pointed out) that had the unintended consequence of giving rapists an incentive to kill their victims, since the sentence for murder is now lower than that for rape...

hooray for another victory for sensible laws and the talk back radio quacks.

Anonymous said...


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