Thursday, November 20, 2008

Learn to like it!

Yes, it's time again for another one of those "Mr. Salaryman endorses" posts, so those of you looking to read about my further adventures in work and life in Tokyo will have to stay calm.

You see, it has been a long time since I heard a song that barges through my front door, rudely bitch slap me awake, tearing me out of the bed and kicks me naked out the front door, literally. But one new group and song did just that too me, you can hear and see it in the video just above here (click it now). The band is from Sweden and is made up of one member from the band Melody Club who teamed up with another member from Yvonne and Strip Music. Granted, they've only released an EP this far, but it manages to combine the pop melodies of Melody Club and the bleakness of Yvonne/Strip Music and make something new and better out of it. You should buy it, now, it's out on iTunes!

It's a really pleasant experience to be this surprised by a group on which I had no expectations at first and be completely blown away. It hasn't happened that often in my life of being musically aware. I do still remember how Tiamat completely blew me away with Judas Christ and showed that great goth can actually still be done and that there's no need to be sentimental about the Sisters of Mercy or the Fields of the Nephilim. I also remember how Ladytron completely caught me by surprise just by the time most electronic pop groups were very far entrenched in their own behinds and how Dark Tranquility showed me that there actually are really great Death Metal groups there with their great album "Haven", it did help an old electrohead like me that they infused the metal with cold synth sounds as well though. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Ever happened to listen to Dimmu Borgir? While I doubt you would appreciate *all* of their material, I think it might be worth a listen though, if you liked DTranquility.

Why don't you try the song Puritania out for size at:

It's one of the songs that really got me hooked onto the melodic/symphonic/whatever Norwegian black metal :)

Mr. Salaryman said...

Perkale my Finnish friend!

Thanks for the comments, I have already moved from the previous posts so I won't go back and say something on those but always nice when someone who reads it leaves a comment.

I reluctanly copied in that youtube link, and only because you had been nice to give some comments, but I am positively surprised, that is some good shit! I might actually download some of their stuff, which albums would be a good start in a similar vein?

Anonymous said...

I understand very well the aversion to listen to material labeled as "Black metal", and I will be the first to admit that there is some really God-Jesus-awful crap recorded under that same genre. However, being subjected to it for extended periods thanks to my Norwegian girlfriend, I've learned that a few of the bands have created some pretty damn smashing music.

Of Dimmu, I'd recommend the newest one, In Sorte Diaboli or Spiritual Black Dimensions, which has Puritania on it. Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is also very nice.

Again, thank you for the blog :) I read through the whole archives, and not only is ita constant barrage of laughs, but some of the posts bring back some very nice memories of my trips there :)

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