Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another one for the little one

It's pretty great!
I've settled in very well with life with my iPad, although the most intense and passionate affair has calmed down, my iPad has become a trusted friend and companion. Ok, maybe sometimes I download a few too many apps that actually are completely useless, but since they cost nothing or next to nothing it's really no big deal anyway and I just delete them when I get bored with them.

A few weeks earlier I got the brilliant idea to download some apps for small kids, interactive kid's songs and shit, to see if those could help pacify and entertain Toddler Sunshine. It worked... In fact it worked a little too well... Every time she sees me holding the iPad she immediately drops everything and very determined makes her way to where I'm sitting, forcefully climb up in my lap, starts staring at the screen and if nothing exciting shows up within five seconds she puts her filthy fingers all over the screen trying to get to the excitement. Her favorite app at the moment is "Talking Carl" as she seem to somewhat have figured out that it repeats the sounds she makes in a high-pitched voice (Toddler Sunshine's voice is quite high-pitched to begin with...).

So, I did the only thing I could do... I recently ordered another iPad, this one white and only 16GB compared to mine of 64GB (no 3G for me, I'm connected enough with the smartphone) for Mrs. Sunshine to have at home for herself and to give her a tool to tame the baby as I bring mine with me for the commute. I don't see myself as an Apple fanboy, but can't deny that I love the iPad!  


Corinne said...

I feel your pain, ash yells "puzzle!!!!!" every time he sees mine. He also likes that damn cat, although is favoring the giraffe lately.
I'm searching for the thickest screen protecting stickers I can to stop those sticky fingers but usually I just try and hide it from him.

Anonymous said...

i did the same thing, but out of fear of my beastly son breaking my precious ipad i have taken it out of the rotation of expensive stuff he can play with and likely break...he's stuck with the old iphone now, but seems to be content

Anonymous said...

I've managed to do even better - my wife has my "old" Galaxy S to enhance her life/to distract the little one with Shaky Tower and Angry Birds, while I suddenly find myself in possession of a SGS II (which is amazing btw - so fast it almost seems to have pre-cognition). My wife thinks its her phone....but my son and I know what it really is about.

Chris said...

"she puts her filthy fingers all over the screen"

Oh this line hurts...cuts deep. Let her take a stroll in the woods or play in the expressway. Your ownership of an ipad2 is did you get through the screening process??

**I'm reporting something to someone somewhere.** ;)

Eva said...

Oh! My nephew is obsessed with our laptops. Once they get their hands on our electronics, there's no letting go for the rest of their lives!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Corinne - Yeah, it sounds like we have a common problem and I bet he throws a fit if you hide it or turn it off when he has set his sights on it... Can you remind me why we had kids in the first place?

Soybean - That seems like a decent strategy and something that I hope to emulate with the secondary iPad in the house

Sigma1 - Wow, you completely lost me there! Are you talking about tablets or mobile phones?

Chris - Please! Don't report me! I'm doing my best to keep her away from mine and divert her attention to the new and cheaper one. I might as well try to raise her with some class ;)

Eva - Well, with a laptop you can slam it shut and hurt his fingers, that'll teach him a lesson at least ;)

jlpt2kyu said...

I think old people must have the same magnetic charge as these devices, because they seem to be 'pushed' away from electronic devices just as strongly as young ones are 'pulled' to them.

Medea said...

Thanks for the Talking Carl rec, downloaded it yesterday for the chibis. I've told them Carl only speaks English and for now they believe me. Excellent.

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