Thursday, December 29, 2011


This morning, Mrs. Sunshine had dressed up Toddler Sunshine in a new outfit, this time with a turtleneck shirt. As she showed me this new fashion creation she asked me what I thought and the conversation went something like this:

Mrs. Sunshine: (enthusiastic) Isn't she cute?
Me: (sleepy) She looks like Steve Jobs...
Mrs. Sunshine: (confused) Why? Because of the turtleneck shirt? You have a turtleneck I gave you, which you never wear by the way...
Me: (still sleepy) Yeah, I know, but if I wear it I look like Steve Jobs...
Mrs. Sunshine: (slightly annoyed) It's not like Steve Jobs invented the turtleneck you know!
Me: (still sleepy) Are we really sure on that? Maybe he invented that before the iPod and iPad and he always kept some resentment that it never took off like the rest of the stuff?
Mrs. Sunshine: (had enough of stupidity) I don't care, she's cute and she doesn't look like Steve Jobs, now she wants to play with Daddy (handling me a giggling Toddler Sunshine, effectively ending the conversation)

In any case, I strongly believe that she looked very much like Steve Jobs and here is a picture I took of her during the morning.

To further put weight behind my claim that everyone in a turtleneck looks like Steve Jobs I also found a rare photo of Kim Jong-Un, the Great Successor wearing a turtleneck while on vacation at Tokyo Disneyland.

I rest my case.


F. said...

Toddler Sunshine, the beard looks good on her.

Chris said...

Suweeet spam comment!!!

That little thumbnail image in my blogroll weirded me out BIGtime!!

You come up with some gems!!

WTF is with the spam??

kamo said...

I got that spam too! It was my first, I felt so proud. I was going to make a joke about just needing a resident troll to have really arrived. Then I read all the shit Corinne's dealing with and it didn't seem so funny anymore.

I like how you've given Kim Jr Jr yet another chin. You lose count after the first 4 or 5.

Mr. Salaryman said...

F - No, it's actually just your mind playing tricks with you. Your mind is so set to turtleneck = Steve Jobs that your mind mixes up the images and makes you see more of Steve Jobs than a "baby with a turtleneck"

Chris - Yep, that spam comment is going down the drain after I finish writing this ;) I must say that I'm quite happy with the pic myself, must.

Kamo - Those poor spammers, can't be a fun way to try and make a living... I prefer it when they at least try to make some small effort

Blue Shoe said...

Haha...nice. That second one is kind of creepy - looks like Steve Jobs butchered Kim Jung Un and took his face.

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