Monday, April 9, 2012

Job Satisfaction

My best Superman pic ever?
We all take our job satisfaction where we can get it. For a teacher, seeing the students grow and get better must be a big source of job satisfaction. For a construction worker I can see how being a part of building something from nothing can give satisfaction. For a shop owner, happy customer probably also is a big one. For other people, getting a paycheck regularly is it's own satisfaction. 

Yesterday, as one of my colleagues was rummaging around one of our cabinets, she pulled out a couple of my demo products and asked "what's this and who's is it?", I immediately answered "Oh, those are my anal tubes, I was looking for those and need them, thanks!". No one in the office batted an eyelid as stuff like that is quite normal for us. For me, that is job satisfaction.


Anni said...

I want to know the context of that comic.. if it really is as bawdy as it seems ;D

Come along to Japan

TheOctopus said...

So, tell us exactly how you demonstrate those products.

On second thoughts maybe not.

gagf said...

two mistakes that i'm surprised to find in a native speaking dude
1. it's and its
2. who's and whose

Chris said...

"two mistakes that i'm surprised to find in a native speaking dude
1. it's and its
2. who's and whose"

Starting a sentence in lower case and using lower case for "I'm"?

See how stupid you sound...dude..

TheOctopus said...

Clearly gagf is suffering from a short attention span.

Martin said...

i´t must be Blog Satisfaction using your "best Superman pic ever".

Mr. Salaryman said...

Anni - It's worse!

Octopus - Well, it's a tube and it goes into the anal canal? I'd be happy to show you the ropes!

gagf - Huh? Vat made you zink I vas native engrish spealker? I'm not!

Chris - Who are these people really who spend times on comments like this? I actually get quite curious, can't be much of a life going on...

Martin - Indeed it is!

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