Thursday, March 7, 2013

Hitting The Motherlode

"War Outlawed!" - Why didn't we think of this before?!
Ooops, it looks like it's been over a month since I last posted again... Well, now I can now reveal one of the big reasons why I have been a bit distracted a bit lately (as if two small kids wasn't enough of a reason...). Again I will venture out on new adventures and I am quitting my current job at the big US corporation for something a bit closer to home.

I will be starting to work for a German based healthcare consultant as their man in Japan, assisting their European clients in building relationships in Japan in the field of healthcare (pharma, devices, hospital planning etc.). The firm is so small that we'll only be two people working in Japan so a big change from the large firm I am working for now. The firm is so small that there is no legal entity in Japan and I will be under a contract directly with the German office, this has the main benefit that I will be subject to German working conditions. This means a significantly longer vacation per year while still lifting Japan competitive salary, basically the best of both worlds! Also, frequent business trips back to Europe will make it a lot easier to get back home from time to time and bring the family to use up all that vacation time. No more early morning or late night teleconferences with the US east coast either sounds pretty nice too.

As I no longer will have any Japanese colleagues I am actually starting to get a little bit worried about fitting in in a non-Japanese work environment... A mini-organization in Japan also means that I do not have to put up with all the politics and stuff that comes with it, but also that I will have to do all the stuff myself as no one will be there to help out.

The timing is not perfect though as I actually was enjoying the work at the big US corp and with just a little under two years in I had started to establish my base of power from which to further extend my reign of petty terror, but opportunities like these are very rare so I decided to take the jump again. 

That's the quick update, if not particularly funny, as I will soon have more time to spare in between the jobs you can expect a little more frequent posting from me in the coming weeks!


Rude Boy Abroad said...

Congratulations! Sounds like interesting work!

kamo said...

"time to spare in between the jobs"

Yeah, right. "In between jobs." This means you're a freeta now, doesn't it? You can be honest with us.

In fairness, this does seem to be the limit of their ambition for a worrying number of my students. Living the Dream, my friend, Living the Dream...

Martin said...

Sooo... Your'e afraid that you might have to actually do some work?

If your co worker finds out about this blog heshe will won't have any problems figuring out heir alias.

Evacomics said...

Sounds good, congrats!

Michelle said...

What! A German company? Wow.
If they ever say/write something to you and you have no fucking idea what they mean... comment on my blog, I'll translate/explain everything to you. :-)

Time for your life is something very precious. I'm glad for you, you found another job!

pjk said...

Good luck with the change, Salaryman!

Since your co-worker isn't Japanese, I hope he hasn't lived in Japan for long so you can tell him tall tales and relay his exasperated reactions to us. We demand entertainment!

aimlesswanderer said...

I used to work for a German medical devices company, but the internal processes were usually glacially slow and required so many signatures it was ridiculous.

Though they did let the local subsidiary considerable freedom, the management used that to pay themselves massive salaries.

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