Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Largest mobile phone strap bundle at the point of death wins!

In Japan, basically everyone has a strap attached to their mobile phones, more than anything this is highly practical. When you need to pull out the phone, you just grab the strap and you're ready to go. However, some people put in a great deal of effort into the selection of the mobile phone strap while some people obviously don't.

Personally I proudly have a Hello Kitty strap and I've probably worked my way through at least 8 or so up until this point, the current one is Hello Kitty as an onsen boiled egg from Niigata, courtesy of the always wonderful Ms. Sunshine. I also very remember back in the day when I was a fresh face at the company and the very hardcore old fashioned sales manager had a Cinnamoroll strap and got visibly embarrased when I started commenting on it.

However, today at work I encountered a giant bundle of a mobile phone strap collection. One of my colleagues was gonna show me some pictures involving babies on her mobile phone (the baby happened to belong to "I'm not gay" guy in case anyone is keeping notes) but I couldn't even see the pictures out of the fascination of her absolutely huge collection of mobile phone straps. It made me feel pretty inferior with my meager lonely strap... The picture here is the real monster. I was a afraid to touch it in case it would bite my hand, but for you dear reader, I took my chances to show you this giant among mobile phone straps!


tokyo cowgirl said...

I call them danglies! And, to be perfectly honest, I'm obsessed with them. I don't have one of course because I broke my freaking phone four months ago but as soon as I get another one, I too, will have several well-chosen danglies hanging from my phone.

But no, I will not have as many as your friend. It would be too hard for me to hold the phone up to my ear without getting danglie-lash.

Mr. Salaryman said...

"Danglies"? Well, as good of a name as any, I actually was a bit at loss as of what to call them! Danglies it is then!

Anonymous said...

Katochan Pe! My husband collects those Katochan straps too...i think he has over 100, but he doesn't put them on his phone..just hangs them up. :)

Mr. Salaryman said...

He should put them on the phone, he might beat my colleague in that case.

BUt he might make you carry it for him in your purse since it'll be too big for any man-made pockets!

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