Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feed the hunger!

Now, I've lived in Japan for almost ten years by now and I'm pretty familiar with most aspects of the Japanese cuisine and snack culture. I have been aware of the Japanese rice cracker snack "senbei" for a long time and have mildly liked to the extent that I ate one if I got one put in front of me, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get one and never ever purchased any of these rice cookies.

However, Ms. Sunshine started purchasing senbei as snacks and without thinking about it especially I started eating them and started to actually purchasing them and developing preferences in terms of brands and flavors. One of my favorite brands quickly became the chili spiced Tarako cracker that Ms. Sunshine introduced me to. And I was completely horrified the day the local supermarket stopped carrying this brand I had come to love (it was the chili that got me really hooked), for weeks I scavenged throught the senbei section hoping that it would make a glorious comeback but with no luck, instead settling for lesser brands without the kick of the chili...

A recent excursion to another supermarket found me another supply outlet, the catch is that it's pretty far away compared to my next door supermarket, but I did buy a considerable amount of stock when I found it (in fact, I'm eating one now). If you never got into the senbei deal, give it a try, I'm hooked now and at least it's better than cookies and chips!

(the picture shows my favorite brand!)


Hugo said...

Please send me a stash. The selection here in stockholm is pretty crappy, mostly a "japanese mix" among the nuts. By the way, do you have a tracking code for the package with my birthday present?

Simon said...

Shikasenbei would have to be my favourite choice of japanese souvenir.

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