Monday, May 3, 2010

The secret of C.C. Lemon revealed!

Well, this time I thought the picture could mostly speak for itself. These are the things that my can encounter in my line of work when I visit hospitals and also get treated to a soft drinks while waiting for the time to talk with the doctor I had an appointment with.

In the bottle, the new 0 calorie version of C.C. Lemon (known for having featured the Simpsons in their commercials a few years back, see here).

In the bag, urine from a bed-ridden patient (no worries, nothing critical).
Well? I think the secret ingredient of C.C. Lemon is clear now!


Fernando said...

lol..clear as urine

ThePenguin said...

Foreign Salaryman... taking the piss as always. A perk of the job?

Anyway, all part of the Golden Week theme, I suppose.

Lydia said...

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