Friday, May 7, 2010

Now we're talking! My boom is back!

About a month ago I mentioned the horrible problem that I had been facing with the fact that the great Chinese Chili oil mix that I am a big fan of have been sold out all over the place, including at the manufacturer's Internet shop... See previous posts here and here.

I assumed that this shortage of supply would be only temporary and that it would be back in stores within a week or so, but after checking quite a number of stores (basically wherever I've been, I've gone to the closest supermarket to see if they had it in) and time after time being met with the following... Yes, the empty hole in the stand is where the stuff should be...

However, having an errand to my old haunt in Ikebukuro I decided to check in on one of the local Chinese food stuff shops (there are plenty of Chinese people in Ikebukuro if you didn't know) and found the stuff! Not only did they have the stuff, but the bottles they sold it in were at least 5 times the size and half the price, so now I'm all stocked up for quite some time!

I did try it out with my buddy God-Jesus and it's definitely the good stuff! Now things are back in order again!


Chris said...

I had a buddy named "God-Jesus"
But I was REALLY high and he was gone when I came down from my buzz.

Climate Morio said...

I just moved here from Helsinki, where we had an abundance of Asian stores where i could get my China pork and my Thai curry paste and my palm sugar... AND NOW NO MORE?! IN ASIA, NO MORE?!

Tell me, where are these stores that you speak of in Ikebukuro? I must go forth and find them!

Fernando said...

Chinese Chili oil mix and snus, your 2 addictions...I wonder what side effects there are for the oil mix heheh

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Well, maybe you should try the artificial battery driven version? He's still there after the buzz is gone!

Climate - Well, this store is more pure Chinese and not overall Asian, but I'm sure you can find the stuff you need in import stores? Anyway, for the Chinese store, exit the JR Ikebukuro station through the Tobu Dep. exit, turn to the right and it's just down the street from the KFC.

Fernando - Yep, both are essential parts of every day life for me!

Anonymous said...

That brand is pretty popular in China. I knew an exchange student who brought it in her luggage to college.

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