Sunday, November 6, 2011

The factory burned down and he stole all my money

This needs dry-cleaning
When we moved into our new Salaryman base of operations we got a sales visit from a dry cleaning company that would come by to pick up our dirty laundry when we called them with quite reasonable prices. The sales rep/driver was a little scabby looking but friendly enough. Although we're not a huge volume dry cleaning user, we used the company regularly and found it reasonably convenient and fast.

After a few months, our regular guy announced his retirement and introduced the guy who would take over after him. The new guy looked normal enough and we didn't really think much of it as our local dry cleaning guy is really a very minor extra at best in our lives and will likely not be mentioned at all in any of my biographies.

However, quite quickly after this transition the problems started. The guy would not come when we called, either he would not pick up his phone or he would just show up unannounced making Mrs. Sunshine quite uncomfortable (especially since he also smelled a bit of alcohol and yes, he drove). So we decided to ditch the service and switched instead to a regular dry cleaning place even though it required the effort to hand in and pick up the stuff at the shop.

Another few months passed and we didn't really think much of it until the owner of the pick-up dry cleaning firm suddenly stopped by when Mrs. Sunshine was home. He then launched into an apology for the previous representative and told her that he had mishandled his job and then taken off with all the money he could get his hands on and now was on the lam. Then apparently the actual dry cleaning facilities had mysteriously burnt down leaving him on the brink of ruin. He then gestured to his shaved head and told her how he had shaved his head as a new start and asked for our continued patronage of his company and ensured us how he would personally manage the pick-ups of our dirty laundry.

...but we found the whole situation a bit too sticky and decided to stick with the safe "big chain located in the supermarket" instead as we felt like we were being dragged down into the dirty world of underground dry cleaning...


Chris said...

"and will likely not be mentioned at all in any of my biographies."

I will note Corrines prolonged absence and would like to be inserted wherever she mighta been mentioned in said bio.

Bros over hoes!!!


Stay away from sketchy bald folks.

Dom said...

Who would have thought the world of dry cleaning to be so intense?

Jim Box said...

Was this dry cleaning shop a subsidiary of Olympus?

aimlesswanderer said...

Hmm, how many bios are in the works? The Life and Times of a Foreign Salaryman, Part I (the Early Years in the Cold North), Part II (a misspent youth), Part III (joining the salary treadmill and becoming a 'real' Salaryman), Part IV (Salaryman extraordinaire and a ray of Sunshine), Part V (Hitching the Sun, visa issues), and Part VI (the Next Generation, Surviving Nature). And then your future exploits.

I confidently predict a series of chart toppers!

Mr. Salaryman said...

Chris - Bros before hoes no doubt! We'll never let any bitches come between us! Corrine might get a small chapter as the hoe who tried to turn the bros against each other but failed!

Dom - You'd better believe it!

Jim Box - Well, Olympus haven't burnt down their HQ... yet...

Aimless - You could maybe be my ghost writer?

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