Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Poor poor little Panda baby...

Some pandas are more sexually aggressive
The shocking news came today... The newborn little panda baby at the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo died earlier today from pneumonia after being abandoned by Mommy Panda who couldn't be bothered caring for an annoying screaming little baby when there was bamboo to chew and lots of lying around doing nothing to do.

It was a bit of a big deal with a newborn panda in Japan as the cute little giant panda's apparently have a notoriously low sex-drive so it was all over the news when the baby panda had been born (
every news segment eagerly watched by Toddler Sunshine who happily exclaimed "Panda!" every time a panda was shown and sometimes mistakenly when one of the zookeepers was shown talking).

Ok, it was disappointing and a little sad that the little critter didn't make it but my sadness was kept in line a bit by the fact that newborn pandas looks more like little hairless rats than the cute panda bears that they grow up to be. Also, the fact that the pandas are on loan from China and that the little offspring would have to be handed over to the Chinese authorities at the age of two (
probably for intense debriefing and intense political schooling in communism after his time in Japan).

There you have it, that's the biggest news that Japan have the energy to muster up in the current summer heat that turned up the volume for real from yesterday... Screw power saving, I need those fans, ice-packs and air-conditioning!


Ἀντισθένης said...

Pandas... These things are taking themselves to extinction without much help from us:
- vegetarians with the physiology of carnivores
- low reproductive rate
- high infant mortality rate.

They are also horrible rapists, incidentally. Maybe we should put our energies somewhere better? Naw... they have cute fur!

Persianxrose said...


hardkoretom said...

I was kinda laughing when I saw the guy at the press conference pulled out his hanky to wipe the tears from his eyes.

shadowzach00 said...

poor thing was there a vet doing check ups on it =(

NeonRaine said...

Pandas are adorable, but they are trying so damn hard to become extinct!

Anonymous said...

i know some spell to bring him back to life but its risky might come back looking for brains

kathrynoh said...

What kind of a world is it where cute little baby pandas can die?

aimlesswanderer said...

I think that overseas zoos lucky enough to have pandas have to pay a yearly fee to the Chinese government... and there are only lease agreements, no giving or buying, so only the CCP owns pandas.

shadowzach00 said...

zombie panada o.o

Lisa said...

That's really sad, to lose your life before it's begun.

Mr. Salaryman said...

Ἀντισθένης - Indeed, they're not really working with us on this!

Persian - Sad indeed!

Hardkore - C'mon, that's a bit mean, I felt for the poor guy! Not often you deal with a panda baby's birth and that probably would have been his greatest achievement in his career if he had saved the panda!

Shadow - Yeah, they had the baby under basically the best care you could wish for, but apparently baby pandas are notoriously difficult to treat (and not much experience on it)

Neon - Yep, why should we make such an effort if they just don't seem to care ;)

Anon - Well, considering that it's small like a rat I doubt that it would do much damage in any case

Kathryn - Indeed, there should be some law against it!

Aimless - I take your word for it! Those Chinese guard their Pandas pretty tight!

Lisa - I must say that I would have thought it would be a lot more sad if it had survived until the peak of the cuteness, at least a little baby has not much awareness, sad in any case though

aimlesswanderer said...

Pandas are just another political, moneymaking and PR tool for the CCP, sadly... they are only strategically leased out.

Though the CCP has invested so much into pandas, that if they do start becoming extinct, it would be a massive loss of face for them. Thus the enormous, sometimes bizarre efforts to 'help' them make babies.

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