Thursday, October 11, 2012

The true face of fear...

You shouldn't have gone on the slide before the change!
After I became a father, first to toddler Sunshine and then Baby Salaryman my priorities in life has changed radically. My outlook to life is probably about the same, but having kids has changed the way I look upon life. The biggest change is of course that it's not all about me anymore, of course Mrs. Sunshine and the family has always been important, but in the end they can take care of themselves. With small children you have to watch out for them and put their needs ahead of your own.

My fears have also changed considerably. Before I had children, my greatest fear was perhaps becoming paralyzed after a horrible accident, getting a nasty form of brain cancer or something similar. 

However, now, my greatest fear is realizing that Toddler Sunshine just did a nasty poo, reaching for the diaper only to have her running away giggling, getting on a slide and slowly making her way down applying great friction to her butt and turning a somewhat nasty, but salvageable, situation into a clean-up nightmare...

(Also for some reason Mrs. Sunshine strongly dislikes it when I measure the fecal output of Toddler Sunshine in estimation of grams as it reminds her of packages of minced meat, which is oddly enough what I use in my head for comparison... Women are odd...



Rey said...

The next time someone asks me why I don't ever want children, I'm going to direct them to this blog entry.

Chris said...

I ate before reading this post and that feels like a wise choice by me. Maybe I could feel a ripple in the force ? ;)

kathrynoh said...

Rather you than me!

Anonymous said...

Kid: "Daddy, change nappy."
Me: "Have you done a poo?"
Kid: "No"
Me: *checks inside nappy* *nothing there*
Me (to wife): "Has he done a poo today?"
Wife: "No, but change it anyway if there's pee in it."
Me: *checks again* *it's quite heavy with pee*
Me (to kid): "Do you want to go to the toilet?"
Kid: "No"
Me: "You don't need to do a poo yet?"
Kid: "No"
Me: "Are you sure?"
Kid: "Yes"
Me: *changes nappy*

~ 2 minutes later~
Kid: "Daddy, change nappy. Poo!"
Me: *sigh*

Mr. Salaryman said...

Rey - Haha, hey, there are good moments too, but sure, happy to help!

Chris - Oddly enough, being a parent makes one much more tolerant for feces... Maybe something for your house of horror this year ;)

Kathrynoh - Well, it seems like you have already handled your part earlier in life so you earned the right to sit back and relax now!

David - Yes, been there, done that, way too many times...

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