Monday, June 17, 2013

Groping by proxy, great idea, great execution - poor outcome

It's OK, he's in on it, go ahead!
I know that I promised to retire, never ever post again and all that stuff. Don't worry, I won't make a regular habit of popping back in here to too often but I just saw some hilarious news that is too funny to not share with you here on my own little blog!

For those of you with even a passing interest in Japan probably knows of the interesting culture of train molestation that exist here in Japan. Partly fed by the crowded trains and partly fed by by women to timid to make a proper scene when groped upon, those two ingredients has then been put in a pot made to gently stew and creating a pretty unique fetish here in Japan. I do have to admit that my own experience with groping has been very limited as I have never groped anyone, nor, to my infinite sadness, ever been groped upon. 

Apparently this little fetish has created small communities online, far away from timid law abiding citizens like me. In these communities, women who wants to be groped upon give their location (current train etc.) and the guys exchange information and experiences. As long as this is exercised without bothering me and between consenting adults you'll not hear any moral outrage from my corner, good for them. But that's where this funny news story comes in...

A few months ago, on one of these sites for west Japan, a "woman" detailed her request for someone to come and molest her including where she was sitting on the train and what she was wearing. A good community member happened to be in the area and decided to oblige the request (in this story, he's a good guy, he meant well) and merrily started to molest the lady he found with the outfit and place in the train car as described. Apparently she didn't really express her consent, but we all know that a little resistance is all part of the game, right? Too his surprise this poor guy realized that the lady really wasn't interest in being molested when police was called and he was promptly arrested. Poor guy.

The real funny part is that just recently the police located the 49 year old man who apparently had made a hobby out of pretending to want to be a woman requesting a molestation session on these friendly community sites. The guy was actually sitting in the train writing on his smartphone calling out for molesters describing himself as a woman he saw in the car and enjoying the hilarity of the show as it was unfolding in front of him. I find the whole thing pretty funny and I'm sure that he meant no harm, he was just playing a little practical joke that the girl and the groper surely will find funny with time. All in all, I think that he too basically is a good guy in this story as he amused me.

The only bad guys in this story are the people on the online communities who actually trusts that the "women" that requests a good groping really are women. That's beyond sad and pathetic. That's all, this was just too funny to keep to myself, I'll go back to retirement now, stay as long as you like but please turn off the light when you leave.


Chris said...

The dude lining of the spectacle is fucking genius. I bait peedo's with a post but this guy is another level.
Wow. I could get into drinking again just to chat and exchange ideas on how to fuck with folks.


btw.....fuck the retirement shit. This is your site. It is active when you are not beating your kid or cheating on your wife...kinda like a plan "C"...not the 1st thing or the 2nd even but ..just another thing to do. The J Blogosphere is not really overfuckingflowing with great original content ya know.

Leave the kid alone once in a while and bang out a post when the spirits move you.

Rolling Computer said...

These sort of set-up Japanese train molestations may be all fun and games, but of course it becomes a problem when it's done out of malice rather than entertainment. Leave it to the Americans to take some harmless fun and twist in into something despicable:

(Full disclosure: I'm an American.)

Chris said...

"These sort of set-up Japanese train molestations may be all fun and games, but of course it becomes a problem when it's done out of malice rather than entertainment."

Sexual acts on a public train for fun?...Your sentence and thinking is so fucked up I'll let your sentence speak for you...since you typed it you fucking loon.

kamo said...

Just couldn't help yourself, could you? You never stop being a blogger, you'll just always be a recovering blogger.

"My name is kamo and I'm a blogger. It's been two days since my last blog post..."

Mr. Salaryman said...

Hey Chris, I'm not clean or anything, but for sure, this is tempting me to drink more and to drag more people down with me for sure! I envy the concept!

Rolling - Hey, I like you, but as you must have felt from the message below, you must be new here? I don't think you've read my text really as intended...

Kamo&Chris- You guys are right, screw this shit, I'll post when I'm fucking feeling for it!

Evangeline Neo said...

HAHA! You're back!!!
I was surprised when I see your post on my blog roll XD

This is interesting news actually, hmmmm
But why would a good guy hang out in those online communities? :P

SusieTron FiveThousand said...

I love practical jokes... and I think in a parallel universe I might find myself posing as a woman.. oh wait I am one. Ok, posing as a different woman just to see the chaos (hilarity?) ensue?

However in this reality I don't live in Japan and I know some joke ideas are best kept in my head. It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye or gets arrested in this case. Thanks for peeking out to share this bit of funny news.

aimlesswanderer said...

Lol, after me laughing and subsequently having to explain the whole thing to my wife, she is now a bit worried about our trip to Japan in December.

We are now apparently going to attempt to avoid peak hour public transport!

I told her to just shout and point out the guy to me and I will fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Well I knew that checking the blog every once in a while with the hope of finding a new post would eventually pay up.

As always...disturbing side image lol and yeah this guy knows how to make a good prank hahaha

kathrynoh said...

It's so fucked up, isn't it? Cos you know every woman secretly wants to be groped by some dirty old man on a train. If you really want to play at that kind of stuff, there are those train love hotels etc.

I actually have a bit of thing against exhibitionists even if it is consentual between them. If part of what gets you off is having me see it then I'm forced into being part of your sex act non-consentually.

Btw, the arrow on that photo is priceless.

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