Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Aligned Family

Dungeons and Dragons Alignments applied to our family:

Mrs. Sunshine - Lawful Good
"A Lawful Good character typically acts with compassion, and always with honor and a sense of duty"

Mr. Salaryman - Neutral
" A farmer whose primary overriding concern is to feed his family is of this alignment"

Little Ms. Sunshine - Lawful Evil
"A Lawful Evil character sees a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and shows a combination of desirable and undesirable traits"

Salaryman Jnr. - Chaotic Evil
"A Chaotic Evil character tends to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel"

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Martin said...

What the hell? Completely missed that the worlds greatest salaryman is blogging again.

Al said...

Hello dearest salaryman! I sent you an email to your hotmail which I hope you still use!

Chris said...

That comment above me is creepy. WTF?

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