Friday, March 7, 2014

A Review

One of these is mine...
Earlier in the week we went to see a performance put on by little Ms. Sunshine and her Kindergarten class. In case you are thinking of going, here comes a review for you to make you informed consumers:

The props were amateurish and looked like they had been reused a hundred times, costumes were limited to stupid paper hats and looked like they were made by small children.

Over half of the performers did not sing when they were supposed to and several completely ignored it and wandered about aimlessly instead. The ones that actually sung were completely out of tone.

The dancing numbers were completely out of synch, that is, for the few performers that actually bothered to try and dance.

The only redeeming feature was that the piano playing adult actually could tinker out some simple melodies.

All in all, it was a horrible performance which I cannot recommend to anyone. For lovers of fine art this was an insult of a performance.


aimlesswanderer said...

Even so, didn't most of the other parents think it was the best show ever?

And the kids, even if they didn't do anything that they were supposed to, probably had fun. Just one of the things you've gotta do if you have kids.

Look on the bright side, in 10+ years depending on their ability, they might be able to give decent performances.

SusieTron FiveThousand said...

Being the "workaholic" step-mother I hope to miss all of these little shows. I didn't have children to avoid wanting to stab tiny knives in my eyes at such performances.... alas I married a man with a child. My turn will come yet.

lina said...

and yet I bet more than half (if not all) of the audiences videod the performance. Or take like 1000 photos. ;)

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