Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Future of Entertainment is here!

The future of gaming, in the past!
When think of it, it strikes me as a little odd that I haven't really posted more on the topic, but the truth is that I am a gamer. Not the obnoxious type who loves Japanese Role Playing Games though, and I embrace the fact that it is practically a waste of time! I do not play games to grow as a person or challenge myself, I do it because it keeps me entertained for a bit and a happy Salaryman is a good Salaryman. Playing computer/video games is by far my favorite way to entertain myself and has been from when we got our first Spectrum ZX81 home computer. The hour between when the kids and Mrs. Sunshine fall asleep until I go to bed is my gaming time and when I can relax a bit from all the other stuff.

So, for me as a gamer, the recent launch of the Playstation 4 is a big event (and yes, I am somewhat of a Sony PS fanboy, screw xbox!). Probably due to the delayed launch in Japan, almost four months after the US launch, I could order my Playstation off the Sony online store just a week before the launch and got it delivered before lunch last Saturday without having to stand in a line or camp outside!

The thing about new consoles is that usually they are crap when they come out. The user interface and features are not fully implemented and the first wave of games are usually junk. However, I tend to forget this and get swept up in the excitement only to be disappointed that things are basically the same, only with a little prettier graphics.

As I was checking through what the new and improved Playstation had to offer, I found the Playstation streaming TV stations. Basically it’s meant for people to show what they are playing and give their fantastic commentary while doing it. But when I checked it out the number one watched show was that of an American family sitting in front of their TV, having the Playstation camera film them while they are sitting around reading the comments that people wrote to them. Occasionally the overweight lady would flash her boobs, whipping the commenters to a frenzy of “do it again!”, “more” etc. while the guy kept drinking his booze. After a few minutes a younger woman that looked a bit like Ms. American teen pregnancy joined the group in the sofa and also started into the screen while people wrote “you new girl, show your boobs too!” and similar comments at a breathtaking pace.

The whole thing was mesmerizing. I could not stop watching. It was like Youtube with even lower production values and completely devoid of any point. This is the future of Entertainment and again I felt at peace with my purchase.

Yesterday evening I turned it on again, but their show was gone and it felt empty… 


TokyoOctopus said...

A "Spectrum ZX81"??!???!!???!!!?????

What. The. Hell. Are. You. Smoking????

There was the ZX81 (and before it the ZX80), resplendent in their B&W glory, and then there was the ZX Spectrum, with a massive 16-colour, err, spectrum. Get with it, man. Those were the pivotal years of my childhood.

Anyway, I thought you were one of those Commodore freaks with their sprites and proper keyboards.

Meanwhile I find myself married with a woman with not only her own PS3, but also a PS2 which she recently dragged out of retirement. Such is my love that I even bought her an X-box because there was some game involving shooting people which is only available for that platform which she really wanted, though to be honest I was shocked by the X-box as a hardware device, as it it appears to have been designed in the mid 90's by a power station engineer (complete with a power brick larger than some computers I own) and makes the PS3 look like a piece of elegance from the House of Jobs.

RMilner said...

Raspberry Pi is the future of entertainment.

aimlesswanderer said...

We don't have kids and I struggle to get in 5 hours of gaming time a week.

I really enjoy my gaming, I can forget about everything else for a little while...

If we do have kids I hope to be able to sneak in a little to help keep me sane!

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